What I’ve Learned…

As I approach the climax of my freshman year as a college student, I am confident that the greatest lesson I will ever learn on this campus is that I will never get tired of getting wasted every weekend and fucking every athlete and frat boy that I deem worthy of my fucking.  I was […]

Fresh on Campus

​He spoke to me like a gentleman, and looked me in the eyes as he carefully navigated the conversation I’d initiated after seeing him between classes. I couldn’t have been as courteous as he was being, even if I had wanted to. But I didn’t want to, I never wanted to. I wanted something else. […]

My Fairytale Is Your Tragedy 

​I was never like the rest of the kids in school at any point during my youth. I was always this extraordinarily wealthy, beautiful, and popular girl who everybody always wanted to associate themselves with at almost any cost. It was simply routine, even as far back as Elementary School, for me to walk through […]

Spellbound & Enchanted 

​I was born to break hearts, to be adored & desired, and most importantly… I was born to get whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want, no matter the fuck what. These are the laws written into eternity by the Gods themselves, and nothing can stand in the way of my divine […]